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    Al-Qur'an Waqf is Distributed Again by RZ


    BANDUNG-Rumah Wakaf distributes 52 packages of Al-Qur'an waqf at Majelis Taklim Ar Raudah Mosque, Jayagiri Village, Lembang District, West Bandung Regency. In addition to distribute Al-Qur'an package, this activity also became the friendship moment of the Nazis or waqf recipients from Rumah Wakaf.

    "The number of Al-Qur'an that can be used by santri is very limited. Some have also been damaged so that to recite the santri took turns using the Al-Qur'an, "said Ustaz Zaenal, Tuesday (11/7).

    The study at the Ar Raudah Mosque is guided by Al-Qur'an ambassador of Ustaz Zaenal. Participants are children ranging from kindergarten to high school. Currently the number of santri reaches 90 people.

    Zaenal added, with the distribution of Al-Qur'an waqf, this is expected to increase the spirit of learning children in there. So that children can be more clever and one of the Rumah Wakaf mission to build generation of Al-Qur'an memorization can be realized.

    "I am happy to get a new Al-Qur'an from Rumah Wakaf. With this new Al-Qur'an I become more enthusiastic to recite and study Al-Qur'an every day, "said Anggraeni, one of the children there. Jo

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