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    2019, All Hospitals in West Java Must be Accredited


    BANDUNG-According to the mandate contained in Law No. 44 of 2009 about Hospital, accreditation of hospital became one of the obligations that must be implemented by all hospitals. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that accreditation is an effort to continue to improve health services. He also instigated the Head of the relevant Office, to work as well as possible, and as hard as possible. Particularly to the Head of the Health Office He asked to lead this accreditation process.

    "With the effort we have, hopefully we can finish gradually in 2017, 2018, until all. So before the rooster crows in January 2019, the entire West Java Hospital has been accredited, "said Aher at the Gala Diner Event with officials of the Hospital Accreditation Commission (KARS) West Java Province, and the directors of hospitals throughout West Java, in East Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Monday (10/07/2017) night.

    As of June 2017, the number of hospitals in West Java was recorded at 328 hospitals. Based on the ownership, consist of 70 Government Hospitals (21.34%), such as; 44 regional public hospital(13,41%), 13 Indonesia National Army(TNI)/ Indonesian Republic Police(POLRI) hospitals(3,96%), 5 Vertical hospitals(1,53%), 5 Special government hospitals(1,53%), 3 state-owned enterprises hospitals(0.91%). While Private Hospital there are as many as 258 hospitals(78.66%).

    Based on hospital Classification, it consists of Class A Hospital as many as 9 hospitals such as; Hasan Sadikin Central public hospital, Santosa Hospital Central Bandung, dr. M. Goenawan Partowidigdo Bogor Central Hospital, dr. H. Marzoeki Mahdi Bogor Psychiatric Hospital, dr.h.a Rotinsuli Bandung Lung Hospital, Cicendo Eye Bandung Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital West Java Province, Special Hospitals of Teeth and Mouth Unpad Bandung, and Mother and Child Melinda Hospital Bandung. Then Class B Hospital as much as 54 RS, Class C Hospital 160 RS, and Class D Hospital as much as 58 hospitals. And there are still 47 hospitals in the process / not yet determination of hospital classification.

    "Based on the Accreditation Graduation Status of Hospital, from 328 hospitals in West Java, only 94 hospitals (28.7%) are accredited and there are 234 hospitals (71.3%) in the process / not accreditation," he said.

    Head of West Java Provincial Health Office, Dodo Suhendar, explained that the graduation status of the 94 hospitals, namely pass plenary of 58 hospitals (61.7%), 4 main pass hospitals (4.3%), 5 Madya hospitals (5.3% ), Basic 1 hospital (1,1%), and pass prime 26 hospitals (27,6%).

    "Efforts that have been and will be done by West Java Provincial Health Office in order to reach the hospital in West Java accredited, among others, encourage private hospitals and the Government immediately make the process of accreditation and reaccreditation. Seek Accreditation of Government Hospital from various fund sources (APBD II, BLUD, Non-physical DAK). And Workshop on Hospital Accreditation Preparation, "said Dodo.

    Dodo also explained that to get the status of hospital accreditation, it is also necessary to fulfill the specialist in hospital. Based on the data of 2016 shows that still needed specialist doctors in hospitals in West Java, for basic specialist doctors needed 14 specialist doctors, obgyn specialist as much as 9, 12 pediatricians, surgeon 22. As for doctors Support specialists are still needed a specialist radiologist 12, anesthesiologist 9, clinologist pathologin clinic 19, anatomic pathology specialist doctor 1.

    "Hopefully, this meeting can encourage existing hospitals in West Java to immediately implement accreditation because hospital accreditation is a necessity in order to improve the quality of service in hospitals," he concluded.

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