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    West Java Regional Police: Preassure Cooker Bomb


    2017-07-11 15:51:00 | BERITA

    BANDUNG-Expected pressure cooker bomb in the area of ??Buah Batu Bandung classified as 'Lone Wolf' or work by itself not networked.

    Head of West Java Police Public Relations, Pol Kombes Yusri Yunus said the perpetrator mode is almost the same as the incident in Medan and the last at the Fatahillah Mosque Police Headquarters conducted by a person by stabbing a police officer performed alone.

    "The case that yesterday was bombing Buah Batu Bandung has been handled directly by the Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88), the preliminary examination of the concerned while he 'lone wolf' means working alone," he told reporters in Bandung on Tuesday (11 / 7/2017).

    This pressure cooker bomb suspect learned from the internet both in terms of making pan bombs and also learning ISIS.

    "There is a sense of hatred towards certain parties including the police so he does it," he said.

    Yusri explained that the team from Densus 88 still continues to explore the results of the crime scene (scene), there are some who have secured the police including electronic goods such as laptops, mobile phones including some documents.

    "It is still under investigation whether there is a network of Jamaah Ansor Daulat JAD network, because if we see the action using a cooker bomb, we will wait for the result," he said.

    While the results of examination of the family of cooker bomb in West Java Garut. Actors since the beginning of 2017 there is little difference, happy to be alone and do not get along with the community.

    "He since early 2017 there is little difference, happy to be alone and do not socialize with the community," he said.

    According to him, the new offender learned to assemble the bomb so it exploded at the beginning. It is alleged that there are few mixtures that do not match what the JAD network made in Kampung Melayu.

    "Today is still in the deepening of the perpetrators by Team Labfor and Inafis," he added.

    Yusri added that there are three agenda of the perpetrator target that is on July 16 in one of the cafes in Bandung. Then there are some places that will also be blown up. The information, obtained by police from the writing itself, after learning from the internet.

    Although the explosive power is still considered low but the pot bomb is considered dangerous because it contains elements of sewer and spikes. Police also found a pan that has not been assembled by bombs only filled with nails and buckwheat only.

    "We are working hard to find, possibly there are still other bombs that have not exploded," he concluded. (MAT)

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