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    Rumah Zakat Help Develop Blind's Business In Bekasi


    BEKASI REGENCY-Rumah zakat give business capital to Abdul Karja Khoirudin, a blind salt-egg seller in Kampung Rawa Palangan RT 01/06, Telaga Murni Village, West Cikarang Sub-District. Although not able to see, but Karja still have the spirit to support his wife and four children.

    "Every day I sell from West Cikarang to East Bekasi on foot with my wife. Alhamdulillah because it is become my routine to sell so there are some citizens who become customer. Every day about 100 to 150 salted eggs sold at Rp 3,000 per grain, "Karja said on Monday (10/7).

    The business, has been run by Karja since two years ago. At first, this business was built together with his friends. However, due to capital problem, the business had to stopped and caused Karja lost his livelihood for several months.

    "Alhamdulillah, with the venture capital from Rumah Zakat I can finally continue my business. Especially now I also get more knowledge about entrepreneurship, "said Karja.

    Besides selling salted eggs, every day Karja is also believed to be imam in the mosque around his house. Although his eyes can not see perfectly, now Karja has memorized the Koran about 15 juz. Jo

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