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    West Java Hotel Visitors Decreased In May


    BANDUNG-Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of West Java recorded Room Occupancy Rate (TPK) of Hotel in West Java in May 2017 reached 51.47% percent decreased 0.50 point compare to April 2017 TPK which reached 51.97%.

    The decreased occurred for all types of hotels, both the star and non-star hotels TPK are decreased.

    But the number of visits is expected to rise in June data, considering long holiday moment of Lebaran lasting from that month until July.

    Head of BPS, Doddy Herlando said star hotels TPK in May 2017 reached 56.92% decreased 0.94 point compared to April 2017 TPk which reached 57.86%.

    Non-Star hotels TPK reached 38.12% decreased 5.24 points compared to April 2017 which reached 43.36%. The highest TPK is in hotels which have room more than 40 rooms by 41.15 percent.

    For the lowest non-star hotel TPK is 29.60% occurred in hotels whith rooms under 10 rooms.JO

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