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    Pencak Silat, Martial Arts For Defending the State


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar opened 'Pencak Silat National Championship 2015 - Communication Forum of All Indonesian Overseas' (FORKOB Persindo CUP - 1), at Olahraga Tri Lomba Juang Building, Bandung, Monday (28/12).

    The competition was attended by 340 athletes, 45 contingents from various District/cities and 9 provinces in Indonesia. It was held in cooperation with Youth and Sports Ministry (Kemenpora), the National Sports Council (KONI) West Java, Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (IPSI), and various school of Pencak Silat in Indonesia.

    Release by Public Relation of West Java, Deddy judge that martial arts is the proper field in competition. According to him, there are three functions offered by this self defence. First, Pencak Silat can be performed as an art that has a value of beauty movements through existing exploration. Secondly, Pencak Silat can also be used as a form of exercise generation of healthy and strong nation. Thirdly, it comes from Indonesia, so that the martial arts culture heritage is expected to foster a love of country.

    "Pencak Silat chosen in championship because it is needed in life, both as a sport and as martial arts. It is also required for any Indonesian citizen who has a love for defending the state,” said Deddy.

    Defending the state shall be acted a character of warrior. This characters means honest, courageous, strong in defence the right. This character needs to be embedded in anyone engaged in any field.

    "So it is also important in formation of character in each other fields,” he explained.

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