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    Aher: Do Not Refuse Advancement, But Use It Wisely


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan stated that society cannot refuse the advancement including technology advance, but use it wisely. That was stated by Aher after the Bhayangkara 71st ceremony in Gasibu Bandung, Monday in respond to the reporter's question about terrorist that learned how to make bomb from the internet.

    "We cannot refuse technology advances, but we should use it for the benefit of people and society," he said.

    But according to Aher, if there is a deviation in using technology, hopefully police force can anticipate it.

    "Of course I trust Police to anticipate it in the future, so there is not many page that contain dangerous content" he hoped.

    That is also written in President mandate for Bhayangkara 71st day which read by West Java Gorvernor. Aher hope Police in the future can be more proffesional and improve in the mastery of technology, so they can anticipate and take care of the interference related to technology," he said.(Pun)

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