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    Aher Ensured West Java PPDB Online System is Smooth


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) ensured that New Student Acceptance (PPDB) Online in West Java run smoothly.

    According to him, during the registration process can be considered that  nothing happened then if in Jabar.id unregistered, Aher appealed to parents to contact the school directly.

    "It is proven that the headmaster is not afraid to face the parents' complaints and come directly to school," he said after becoming the 71st Inspector of Bhayangkara Day Ceremony at Gasibu, Bandung, Monday (10/7/2017).

    In contrast to the previous year they did not dare come to school not even dare to open any mobile phone to face complaints of parents.

    "Ask the any schools, PPDB this year is comfortable," he said.

    Aher nickname of Governor of West Java admitted that there is a few shortage but the Provincial Government of West Java can handle it.

    "We decided not to go online entirely, but our choice was right because this system is suitable in urban areas," he said.

    According to him, complaints about PPDB Online system this year decreased because the one who do the registering is not the parents or students, but officers at school. According to him, a little problem is occured when opening internet to centralization PPDB West Java.

    "The ability of parents to access the internet is not the same, so we can not blame them, therefore the semi-online system is the right choice," he said.

    Aher also appreciate the Departmen of Education (Disdik) West Java which has implemented semi-online PPDB system, especially in the academic path.

    "I appreciate Disdik West Java and their semi-online system and non-academic path now run smoothly," he said.

    "I think if it is difficult to access data in PPDB Online Disdik West Java, parents of students who has enrolled can come directly to the school because school has listed whether the children has been registered or not," he concluded. (MAT)

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