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    Aher Hopes Sundanese Ethnic Can Be The Best and Has Achievements


    BANDUNG-Executive Board (PB) Pasundan community celebrate Milangkala 104th in Mandalasaba dr. Dhoendjoenan building office complex Pasundan community, Sumatra street no.41 Bandung, Monday (10/7).

    Several public figures, high officials of West Java and Bandung, community leaders and high officials from famous university in Indonesia attended the event.

    The 104th birthday event is held concurrently with Halal bi Halal Idul Fitri 1438 event Pasundan community, because it is the first day of work after Lebaran.

    In the event Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) had opportunity to give a speech. "Let us make Sundanese ethnic, the second largest enthnic, to be the best and have a lot achievement, Insya Allah," he said.

    That is how he gave special message to the people who are members of Pasundan community in the event of the 104th Milangkala Pasundan community.

    "Complaints will not solve problem, but if we united to show the best of West Java people," continued Aher.

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