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    Ineu Hopes Police Stay A Professional Institution


    BANDUNG-Chairman of West Java Provincial Legislative, Ineu Purwadewi appreciates the performance of police ranks, especially West Java Police, which has been able to maintain security stability in West Java.

    This was revealed by Ineu after attending the 71st Bhayangkara Day Ceremony at Gasibu Field Bandung, Monday (07/10/2017).

    Ineu hopes that in the future the police will remain a professional institution. According to him, during this partnership between West Java Parliament and West Java Police have been well established.

    "Our well-established partnership is hopefully getting better. Indonesian Police remains a professional institution," she said.

    Ineu assessed during this stability of security and order well established. It was thanks to good coordination between West Java Police and TNI.

    "Surely for us the people of West Java can still maintain security and order and so far stability in West Java can be well established for the performance of police and TNI in West Java," she concluded. (MAT)

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