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    Indonesian Society Not Familiar Productive Waqf (Benefaction)


    BANDUNG-Increasing public awareness in doing waqf (benefaction) continue to increase, especially in Ramadan. This is felt by the national waqf institution, Rumah Wakaf which states that there is a significant increase in obtaining waqf funds in this year.

    "Compared to the previous year, the number of muwakif (waqf giver) that represented through Rumah Wakaf has increased by 194% compared to 2016, but more than 90% of the waqf funds are for wakaf charity program," said Director of Rumah Wakaf Soleh Hidayat, Friday (7/7).

    As for the productive waqf, according to Soleh, the number of muwakifnya is relatively small. This is because the productive waqf program is not familiar yet among the people of Indonesia.

    "One example of a productive waqf is the wakaf of Khalifah Utsman bin Affan's well, which up till now the benefits can still be felt by the community, and so Al Azhar University that is able to generate young of Islam from vartious parts of the world," said Soleh.

    As for the productive waqf is property or fixed principal which is represented for use in production activities and the results are distributed in accordance with the purpose of waqf. "It should be that waqf is productive, so that its benefits can come to the muwakif, even though they have died," said Soleh.

    In Ramadan 1438 H, Rumah Wakaf got the trust from the muwakif to distribute wakaf funds for various programs. The programs are building a mosque in the rural areas, a facility for two madrassas in Eastern Indonesia, one boat for inland teachers, one clean water facility for Eastern Indonesia, 16 Braille Quran, and 2400 Quran for the backwoodsman. (Pun)

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