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    Economy Train Fare Increase Canceled Up


    BANDUNG - Originally, starting today, July 7, economy class train fare is rose. But PT KAI canceled the increase after the government subsidized with the Publicly Bonds (PSO) fund.

    "To improve the services and meet the needs of the society we canceled the policy of adjusting subsidized economy class train fare that were originally applied on July 7, 2017," said Vice President of Public Relation PT KAI (Persero), Agus Komarudin, in his official statement on Thursday (6/7).

    Agus adds, according to the regulation of Minister of Transportaion Number 35/2016 about the Tariff of People Transportation by Railway Economy Class Services to Implement Public Service Obligation (PSO),so tariff does not rise.

    So far, Agus said, his side operates 20 economic subsidized trains in Java and Sumatra. Three of them, the departure and arrival point is in the area of ??PT KAI (Persero) Operational Area (Daop) 2 Bandung, namely Kiaracondong Station Bandung. The three trains are Kutojaya Selatan (Kiaracondong-Kutoarjo), Kahuripan (Kiaracondong-Blitar), and Pasundan (Kiaracondong-Surabaya Gubeng).

    Agus asserted, people who buy the subsidized economic train ticket period from June 24 to July 4, 2017, can take the difference in tariff at the destination station.

    As for the prospective passenger who cancel the train ticket on June 24-July 4, 2017, can took the difference between the old and new tariff at the refund station and show the proof of cancellation.

    With this decision, the economic railway tariff is still the same as follows, KA Kahuripan Rp84.000, Pasundan Rp94.000, South Kutojaya Rp62.000. Jo

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