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    Legislator : Regional Deliberation KNPI Dualsm Solution


    BANDUNG - Vice Chairman of Commission V of West Java Regional People's Representative Assembly Yomanius Untung admitted that there was two leadership in the organization Central Indonesia National Committe of (KNPI) West Java. Therefore, his side suggested that the organization should conducts Regional Deliberation (Musda) to find solutions for the dualism.

    "We have to admit that there is a problem, I do not know the level of its legitimacy, what is clear that it is obviously a dualism. There are two heads from two different SK, so we return to the essence of an organization which is the association of individuals, the KNPI is the same .So, the legitimacy is from the members of the organizaton,"he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (5/7/2017).

    According to him, the legitimacy of West Java KNPI originated from OKP at provincial and regency / city level. This Regional Deliberation of KNPI can be used as a benchmark to solve the problem.

    Untung assess that in the implementation of Regional Deliberation with the spirit of democracy will be found elements of deliberation and consensus. In addition, KNPI members can also vote.

    "Including the settlement of the matter all of it was submitted to the central goverment.Thats where the essence of legitimacy is. if the condition is hung like now of course it will be more troublesome," he said

    He considered, if it left like this as time goes by people will leave the KNPI because there is no advantages.

    "While people still feel the advantages of the KNPI existence. I think we should resolve internally as soon as posible," he said.

    Yomanius added that this condition also triggered a delayed in disbursement budget. Therefore, with this Regional Deliberation we can confirm who will get legitimacy.

    "Frankly with the Regional Deliberation it can be known who gets the legitimacy from the downstream," he concluded.

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