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    Aher Inaugurates The Cirompang Mini Hydroelectric Plants


    GARUT-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, Monday (28/12) inaugurated the mini hydroelectric plants (PLTM) located in the Cirompang village and Bungbulang village, Garut. The inauguration was marked by turning on the sklar to rotate four turbines.

    After the inauguration, Governor Ahmad Heryawan accompanied by Garut Regent, Rudi, General Manager PT. PLN, Iwan Purwana and Head of OPD West Java Province reviewing the turbines operation which turns a generator to produce power.

    The Cirompang Mini Hydroelectric Plants is electricity hydropower plant with a capacity of 4x2 MW by utilising Cirompang dammed water river. Water dammed was subsequently transferred to tap building into a tranquillisers pool were subsequently released through the pipe rapidly over 2,000 meters with discharge up to 7 m cubic/second with a height of 142 square meters. Each turbine has a capacity of 2 megawatts (MW).

    West Java Governor in his speech revealed that the first thing to do is thank God who has bestowed the water through Cirompang river so that it can generate micro power Cirompang. Therefore, by that grace we have received in the form of water that should be grateful to maintain the upper river with trees planted so that the water could be abundant.

    Aher hoped this Cirompang micro power products can be used by nearby communities. “Parties who can take advantage of this Cirompang micro power plants is the community who lives around this micro power plants,” please Aher.

    Aher then explained his program, that the whole village in West Java has been reached electricity. But for households still not yet. Aher targeted in 2017 all households in West Java can be energised electricity through West Java Program named Caang-Caang Kabeh. Currently, West Java electrification ratio has reached 92.14% and in 2017 is targeted to reach 100%.

    Continuing to increase the electricity power, Aher will inform to build the same two micro power plants Cirompang by utilising this Cirompang River.

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