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    June 2017, Compensation Jasa Raharja West Java decreased 2 Percent


    BANDUNG- Public Company Jasa Raharja has paid the compensation for accident victim who died in the period from January to June 2017 ammounting to Rp 77,215,531,701 or decreased 2 percent compared to the year 2016 amounting to Rp 82.005.378.278.

    Head of Jasa Raharja West Java Eri Martajaya said since there is an increase of compensation by 100 percent. There is an increase of 1.26 in the payment of compensation to the people who have traffic accident.

    As of June 1, 2017, referring to The Minister of Finance decree No. 15 and No. 16 2017 states that the death accident victims are have a rifht to receive compensation of Rp 50 million. Then, for injured victims Rp 20 million, permanent disability victims Rp 50 million, ambulance cost  Rp 500 thousand, cost first aid Rp 1 million and burial cost Rp 4 million.

    "The total compensation that have been given to the accident victims from January to June 2017 decreased 2 percent," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (5/7/2017).

    Eri explained that for PAM Lebaran 2017 which started from H-7 until H + 7, his party has given compensation of Rp 4,789,147,547 or decreased 22 percent compared to 2016 which reached Rp 6,102,790,105.

    "The payment of compensation for accident victim also decreased by 22 percent compared to 2016," he said.

    Jasa Raharja West Java has completed the integrated post of Lebaran transportation together with several related institutions. The compensation is transferred direct to the account of victim's heirs.

    "The disbursement process can be completed in one day if all requirements are met," he said.

    Eri appealed to the people who got an accident and have not get compensation from Jasa Raharja to immediately report it first to the police.

    "Therefore, if there is a traffic accident, it is better to report it immediately to the local unit of traffic. the point is, we are ready to give the compensation to the victims according to the rules," he concluded.

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