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    West Java KPNI Denied Dualism


    BANDUNG-Chairman of the West Java Regional Representative council (DPD) National Youth Committee of Indonesia (KNPI) Saca Suhendi denied that in this youth organization occurs dualism leadership. The reason is the root of dualism should be from the split internal board.

    He assesed that there is a Decree (SK) from Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Menkumham) on behalf of KNPI. Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs in 1973 states that the Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI) and Decree Menkumham 2015 KNPI is still have the same name as the KNPI.

    "This is a new Menkumham Decree on behalf of KNPI and the decree is different from the real decree of Menkumham KNPI," he told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (6/7/2017)

    According to him, the decree from the past until now has never changed according to statutes and bylaws (AD / ART) and KNPI guidelines. Although there is a new Menkumham Decree on behalf of KNPI named Association DPP KNPI and the DPP KNPI's association is only in the DPP.

    "It is not permissible to convey to the regions even if they want to there have to be a new Ministerial Decree which is DPD DPP KNPI.This menkunham decree is does not reach the district because they have different location. DPP and DPD are in different region," he explained. .

    He continued, his side still believes that there is no dualism in the side DPD KNPI Jabar, but there is a new organization states that it is KNPI and we are currently investigating the use of KNPI logo.

    "KNPI has always used the same logos as stated in the Minister of Home Affairs Decree in 73 and the decree of Menkumham is never changing and the KNPI domicile is in West Java and still on my behalf, so they can not interfere this secretariat," he concluded.

    As we known, Siti Aisyah elected as Chairman of DPD KNPI West Java in Jakarta extraordinary congress period 2016-2020, is not a dualism that occurred in the KNPI West Java. (MAT)

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