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    Ministry Cross-Team- Police Food Task Force Narrow Speculators Motion


    BANDUNG-Coordination across ministries / agencies and Task Force (Satgas) Food Police narrowed the space for speculators who play the role of selling prices, so the food supply is quite smooth and make the selling price under control.

    "We give the high appreciation to the ranks of the police who directly supervise and monitor the movement of food prices in modern and traditional markets," said Chairman of the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) Syakarwi Rauf told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (6/7/2017) .

    There are four food commodities that become the main focus of KPPU together with Polri's Food Task Force Team during fasting and Eid Al-Fitr 1438 H, beef, sugar, cooking oil, and garlic. Polri's Food Task Force Team together with KPPU, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Logistic Agency, intensively held a sudden inspection(Sidak) to a number of markets and slaughterhouses (RPH) in big cities to monitor supply developments and price.

    Syarkawi explained, for example, in the previous years, the price of fresh beef can reach up to Rp150.000 per kilogram (kg), but in the last Eid Al-Fitr the price is stable in the range of Rp120.000 per kg for the best quality fresh meat.

    "While the price of frozen beef remains stable at Rp 80,000 per kg in accordance with the highest retail price (HET) of the Ministry of Trade," he said.

    Meanwhile, sugar price in retail markets is still stable according to HET worth Rp 12,500 per kg. In fact, in the last year the price had touched Rp 18,000 per kg. Similarly, the price of cooking oil that remains HET worth Rp 11,000 per kg or even 10,000 in the traditional market for simple Packaging oil in which last year rose to Rp 23,000 per kg.

    "Garlic prices also decline, except the type of cutting that is expensive because the quality is the best, since imported from China the price is expensive," he said.

    Stable food commodity prices directly impact on the decline in national inflation rate. The inflation in June 2017 was recorded only reached 0.69% with the largest contributor in the form of electricity tariff increase and air transportation cost. This inflation rate is lower than the average inflation during the fasting period and the last three years is 0.85% (mtm).

    According to Syarkawi, with low inflation certainly gives a positive impact on the national economy.

    "Usually food prices become a major contributor to inflation, with low inflation, the economic outlook will be better with investor expectations in the stock market," he said.

    He added that although the fasting season and the Eid Al-Fitr 1438 H have passed, the cross-ministerial / agency team together with the National Police's Food Task Force will continue to maintain the stability of supply and prices of other major food commodities. Such as rice commodities, chicken meat, and chili.

    "We hope that cross-ministry team and agencies can build better coordination systems so they can give solution both very short term, short, medium and long term solutions," he concluded. (MAT)

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