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    Until 6 July Registars of High School Reach More Than 90 Thousand


    BANDUNG-Based on the monitoring in the control room West Java Education Department(Disdik) New Student Acceptance (PPDB), senior high school registries across West Java until 12.00 pm has reached 90 thousand applicants. The amount does not include the registrant to Vocational High School(SMK). Coordinator Senior of Technical Team West Java PPDB Disdik, Yadi Kusmayadi that number will continue to grow until the closing date of registration academic track July 8, 2017.

    "This does not include the Vocational High School(SMK), and will continue to grow until the next closing date of 8," he said, Thursday (6/7).

    Yadi also shows data on the number of applicants from outside of West Java province until the 6th of reaching more than 700 registrants, while the number of visitors reached more than 9 thousand.

    "If a website visitor of ppdb.jabarprov.go.id, can from the committee at the school and the parents of students who continue to monitor the development of applicants. It will continue to change its data per second," he said.

    Yadi also advised the parents of prospective students in order to continue to monitor developments on the internet. If there is interference, can come to the school designated to view data offline.

    For bandwidth capacity on the server itself according Yadi PPDB sufficient. (Pun)

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