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    Zoning System of West Java PPDB Jabar is Based on Regulation of Ministry of Education and Culture


    BANDUNG-Zoning system of new students acceptence (PPDB) in West Java is based on Regulation of Ministry of Education and Culture (Permendikbud). As stated in article 15, Permendikbud Number 17 2017 about PPDB. Not as reported by mass media which say zoning PPDB in West Java ignore Permendikbud.

    Head of Education Department of West Java, Ahmad Hadadi asserted that the conformity of zoning regulations is proved by the application of West Java Regulation in accepting new students that domiziled near the school. At least 90% from students that is accepted. It is Stated in article 15 verse 1, Permendikbud Number 17 2017.

    Even he said that in West Java PPDB the mininum is 95%. The increases of 5% is for citizen from outside West Java. This Zoning condition that is based on Permendikbud  is Province Zone. "Related to the settings of closest zone in Permendikbud Number 17 2017 article 15 verse 3 explained that radius of closest zone is adjusted with the condition and capacity," he said in Department of Education West Java, DR.Rajiman street Number 6 Bandung, Thursday (6/7/2017).

    Hadadi explained, every prospective student, both Senior Highschool and Vovational highschool who register through non-academic or has Prone to Continuing Education status (RMP) will be given incentive based on consideration of closest school from house, maximum 17km. Quota for Students with RMP status is 20% as stated in article 16 verse 1, Permendikbud Number 17 2017.

    "Incentives for prospective students who apply to school not far from their homes or no more than 17 km, aim to provide stimulation to residents to be close to school. This criterion relates to those who have Certificate of Not Able (SKTM), "he explained.

    However, every school has the authority to make technical guidelines . It means that if the number of applicants RMP exceeds the quota, schools have other parameters to consider whether the studentss are accepted or not.

    "So, maybe RMP students who do not pass can also due to the incomplete SKTM. There is no complete statement from the person who responsible. And even if it is complete, every school has its own capacity because the important thing is the quota has been fulfilled, "he said.

    Documents that is important and give point to students with RMP status is Indonesia Smart Card (KIP) with 9 point. Then, Kartu Keluarga Sejahtera with 6 point.Registered Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH) 9 point. Another thing that is important that every school has a quota for 3 Children with Special Needs (ABK). This quota does not affaceted quota for students with RMP status (affirmation), achievement, or cooperation. "Each school must provide inclusive education for PwDs. Considering that the distance of the house and school is no more than 17 km," he said.

    As for the implementation of School Based Management (SBM), Hadadi conveyed, as stated in Government Regulation No. 19 2005 on national education standards which aimed at achieving eight national education standards. Namely, content standards, graduate competencies, processes, educators and education personnel, facilities and infrastructure, management, financing, and educational assessment. For example, for those who register from non-academic, the school has the authority to accept students based on the achievements they received.

    "Several school as we know has already cooperated with some agency, such as KONI (National Sports Committee of Indonesia) or Department of Youth and Sports to accept athlete," he said

    Not only that, SBM acts as a follow-up of school in proving the validity of SKTM or KIP of the students. It means that the school actually has the authority to monitor documents listed by students according to the facts.

    According Hadadi, not less important is that all the children in West Java should continue education and it does not necessary in public schools. West Java provincial government has a graduate student of SMA / SMK as much as 700,000 more. With a capacity of 200,000s. So, for the 500,000 other students who are not accepted in the public school can register to private schools. "We have provided Universal Secondary Education (PMU) fund for private-school students," he said.

    West Java also has 5 open school. Located in Bandung Regency, Bogor, Cianjur, Garut, Pangandaran, and Sukabumi. These school is provided for students who want to work while study, continued to university, and study Euntrepeneur. The curriculum is adjusted to the needs of each of these categories: time, content, and means.

    "Now we have 4000 students who attend open school. This year we have 100.000 quota for students who want to attend open school. The registration will be open in August this year," he said.

    Meanwhile, Coordinator Tim Help Desk PPDB West Java Education Departmen, Eddy Purwanto denied the Permendikbud neglected in West Java PPDB.The Cases of vocational students who are not accepted even though the distance to the house is close to the school is because the quota has been fullfil.

    "the example is SMK 3 Bandung which has a 720 quota of New Student Candidates (CPDB) , demanded by 772 non-academic registrants. While the quota for non-academic only amounted to 210 students, "he said.

    Overall, the number of non-academic register of SMK in West Java in 2017 was 44,568, accepted 25,050, and not accepted 19,518.

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