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    BPS Strengthen Bekraf Database


    BANDUNG-Boy Berawi, Deputy of Research, Education, and Bekraf Development, this additional data coverage will strengthen Bekraf's database in the future.

    "A strong database will certainly help Bekraf in seeing further conditions of Indonesia's ekraf. For example. By obtaining table bekraf, we can see the relevance of the front and back from each sub-sector and the impact on a sub-sector when it is given stimulus by the government, "said Boy, Thursday (6/7)

    This is the second time of Bekraf cooperation with BPS in preparing the ekraf data.

    Previously Bekraf had worked with BPS in 2016. The cooperation covers the provision of labor GDP.

    In order to enrich the ekraf data, this year Bekraf together with BPS will increase the amount of data scopes to be arrange, namely, sub sector profit based on the Economic Census 2016, provision of Classification of Indonesian Position Standard (KBJI), Gross Regional Domestic Product (PDRB) data, and Tabei Input -Output (I-O) ekraf. In addition, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), labor and export data will be updated this year. Jo

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