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    DPD RI Supports 10 Regencies/Cities Supply Food To Capital City


    JAKARTA-Regional Representatives Council (DPD) of Indonesia supports the Ministry of Agriculture program in an effort to ensure food supply in the??DKI Jakarta. The program conducted by appointing 10 regencies / cities around Jakarta as a food supplier.

    If the program succeeds, the Committee II of DPD RI will apply it in the area which lack of ??food. Serang Regency, Lebak, Pandeglang, Sukabumi, South Lampung, East Lampung, Cianjur, Purwakarta, Subang, and Karawang will be the 10 regencies / cities that will assigned as food supplier to the capital.

    In a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman and regents of Jakarta food buffer areas on Wednesday (5/7). Chairman of Committee II Parlindungan Purba assess the fulfillment of food needs is very important to be prioritized. It is a basic component in realizing high quality human resources for development. Therefore he asked the government to really pay attention to the fulfillment of food needs in all regions.

    "We appreciate the program from Ministry of Agriculture, through this program, DPD RI hopes that imported food commodities such as rice, chilli, onion, garlic, will no longer imported in the future. This strategy is a solution for food prices and food supply in Jakarta to remain stable and well maintained. If this is a success, we will try to apply in various areas, "he said.

    On the same occasion, Senator from Gorontalo Province Rahmijati Jahja also appreciated the program from Ministry of Agriculture. He advised that in order to succeed it, Ministry of Agriculture must regulate so that the program can run and does not harming regencies / cities as a supplier.

    "The program needs to be well organized and needs to tightening the import policy to Capital City so that the regencies have broad market access. This program is also interesting to be duplicated in other region. "He said.

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