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    The 13th Salary of Education Civil Servants Paid Next Week


    BANDUNG-Head of West Java Education Department Ahmad Hadadi said his department has submitted a Notice of Payment (SPM) for the 13th salary of education civil servants (PNS) which will paid next week.

    "After the employees got their 14th salary, now it is added to the the 13th salary." Hopefully before next week Monday, it has already received by the education civil servants," he told reporters in Bandung, Wednesday (5/7/2017)

    There are several other provinces which have not received their salary until now. While in West Java itself has received a full salary even without a cut.

    "On behalf of teachers, headmasters and supervisors appreciate the policy of the Governor of West Java. Alhamdulillah, all the attention of the Governor, both teachers, principals, administrators and supervisors have received their salary intact alias no cuts," he explained.

    Ahmad explained on the policy of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan Allowance of Educator Profession (TPP) for public school also has been paid. In addition, various grants for School Operational Assistance (BOS) and Public Works Service (DPU) to high school/ vocational school including Aliyah (Senior high school with Islamic standard education) have been delivered.

    "Alhamdulillah, now, high school/ vocational school including SLB have been accustomed to manage the budget. Previously, we found obstacles on how to UP (Supply Money) and GU (Change Money) now has started smoothly and now has asked for additional money," he said.

    "We are grateful that in West Java with the policy of the Governor, the entire budget for the transfer of all is available," he concluded. (MAT)

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