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    Aher Wants The Next Governor Prioritize Education


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) hopes that the Governor will be elected in 2018, able to continue the good education improvement program that is being undertaken, namely the transfer in management of SMU/ SMK to the Provincial Government.

    The governance policy that has been going on since January 1, 2017 and the West Java Provincial Government has declared readiness to manage it both in terms of budget and infrastructure. For that reason, whoever the successor later, Aher asked to prioritize the program.

    "Whoever my successor is, I entrusted the development of education in West java to the far better," said Aher after doing friendship (silaturahim) with the teachers and principals of high school, vocational school, private and public SLB in the region of BKPP IV West Java, in SMUN 8 Bandung hall, Wednesday (05/07/2017).

    Aher who has led West java for two periods from 2008 will end his term in June 2018.

    From the budget side, for the year 2018, West java Budgets and Local Revenue (APBD Jabar) will be absorbed by the agenda of local elections (Pilkada) for 17 regions including the Province. As for the year 2019 there is no agenda that requires big budget. For that reason, Aher asked to use the momentum to focus on education like building new schools, classrooms, new laboratories and improving human resources. Similarly, the number of opportunities to enter SMU / SMK at the same time also the better quality.

    "Anyone who becomes Governor will have to think hard to take advantage of the budget, there is no momentum of local elections or PON so he can focus on developing school infrastructure and human resources," said Aher.

    Not only to improve the quality of public schools but also private schools must receive special attention and no discrimination. Aher said, education is the right of all children of the nation.

    "Private students is also the children of the nation who should supported, if we neglect one of them, means we neglected children of the nation, there should be no discrimination, education is the right of all nations. Every West Java people deserve to get best education," he said.

    Therefore, public and private schools have been proclaimed by the West Java Provincial Government as the best education provider.

    "Therefore private and public schools will be declared as the best education providers in West Java," said Aher.

    In the same place, the Head of West Java Education Department, Ahmad Hadadi, after the transfer in management of SMU/ SMK until now is running smoothly, including the right for teachers who is after becoming an employee of West Java Provincial Government is entitled to Income Allowance Allowance (TPP) every month.

    "We are teachers and supervisors in West Java would like to thank the Governor, all the attention of the Governor both for teachers, principals, Head of administration subsection and supervisors have been fully received their rights including TPP before there is a transfer in management," said Hadadi.

    Meanwhile, West Java Bunda Literasi, Netty Heryawan stated that children in West Java have to go to school. If not accommodated in public schools, then there is no problem in entering a private school when the Acceptance of New Learners (PPDB) took place.

    Netty also greatly appreciated the start of many banners calling for "All Can Go to School", including in the Department of Education's social media. She hopes that this tagline will be accompanied by an improvement in realizing Violence-Free Children-Friendly School.

    "The Success of Violence-Free Children-Friendly School should be supported by three components: First, the hardware aspect relates to the school environment, and then the brain aspect associated with the human resources," Netty concluded.

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