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    Free Motor Transport Via Train Enthused During Homecoming


    BANDUNG-As in the previous  Lebaran Transportation year's, the Directorate General of Railways at the Ministry of Transportation conducted again the Free Motor Transportation (Motis) program. The difference is, this year the transportation traffic is added through Operation Area (DAOP) 2 Bandung.

    Thus disclosed Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Daop 2 Bandung, Joni Martinus. According to Joni, there are 8 stations in DAOP 2, which are Motown of Motis, they are Purwakarta, Cimahi, Kiaracondong, Cicalengka, Leles, Cipeundeuy, Tasikmalaya, and Banjar Station.

    From those 8 stations, Kiaracondong Station ranked the highest for the number of Motis transport as much as 765 motorcycles up and 1 motorcycle down. Overall there are 780 motorcycles up and 24 motorcycles down in the region of Operation Area (Daop) 2 Bandung.

    Joni said that the actual transportation of Motis this year has decreased compared to the previous year. If in 2016, from 15,834 units of motorcycle units reached 11,629 or 73% realization, then this year with additional capacity it is programmed as many as 21,715 motor units, until June 24 reached only about 39% or 8,505 motor units. Joni did not dare to explain the cause.

    "Of course this will be reviewed by various related parties," said Joni.

    In fact, according to him, by following this Motis program, the public will be guaranteed to get train tickets as well as can drive in their hometown. In this year there is one special train consisting of 8 carriages with 464 motor capacity for one way. Jo

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