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    Governor: Ramadan Causes Spirit and New Soul


    BANDUNG-Implementation of halal bihalal conducted in the West Java Provincial Government, is an activity that is done every year which now has become a tradition after we have fasted in the holy month of Ramadan then Idul Fitri and Halal Bihalal.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said, Halal Bihalal activities if associated with Ramadan, of course, this Ramadan will be more to bring the substance of humanity.

    "With Ramadan we can bring new souls, new spirits because the important thing, the actors are the people," said the Governor, told reporters at the Halal Bihalal 1438 H West Java Provincial Government at Gedung Sate, Tuesday (04/07).

    According to the Governor, as good as any development programs undertaken and as good as any development results if humans who enjoy and implement unsafe certainly will not be enjoyed together.

    "If we as humans are not devoted, do not love the state, not anti-disrepute, not anti-corruption, it will not be enjoyed together, therefore Ramadan we want to present the substantive impact in a positive life in this pembagunan," he said. (Parno)

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