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    Netty: The Importance of Regulation The Use of Internet Applications for Children


    BANDUNG-The rise of internet applications among children has two sides, that is positive and negative. However, as parents have to make regulation of the use of internet applications by children.

    It was disclosed the Chairman of Integrated Service Center for Women and Children Empowerment (P2TP2A) West Java Province, Netty Prasetyani Heryawan after attending Halal Bihalal activity in the yard of Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (4/7/2017)

    Netty explained, the regulation is a parent authority area as an adult responsible for child protection processes.

    "Parents should regulate when children use different devices or communication devices, how long and which features are dangerous to use by children," he said.

    "Parents should start limiting the use of apps that have a negative impact on children, including home tv shows that have parents' attention," he added.

    According to the wife of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, now the problem of many parents who fall into three categories of parents stray, pay and conscious.

    "Many parents who want their children sholeh but baseball know how, and parents who gave up their children's development to other parties such as school teachers, teachers of Koran and Education Park Al-Quran," he explained.

    But there are parents who are well aware that the primary responsibility for parenting is in the family.

    "Parents like this is what we expect, hopefully more and more in West Java and Indonesia," he said

    Furthermore, Netty revealed, strikes that smell negative from the outside should be limited by the parents if the immunity in the family is strong. It is the easiest analogy when it has the power of tackling or anti-body whatever the onslaught we can say no.

    "When the immune or strong family strength will be able to resist strikes from the outside, so we can say say no to drug and say no to free sex," he said.

    He hopes that family day and day can be a moment to reflect on the role of parents in preparing for a better generation

    "Because yesterday June 29 is celebrated as family day and July 23 as a child's day, I want the monentum of family day and this child's day to be a moment to reflect on the role of parents to protect and prepare our children to be a better generation," he concluded. (MAT)

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