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    Ministry of communication and informatics: Beware of Virus Petya


    BANDUNG- Ministry of communication and informatics appealed poeple to be aware of virus petya.

    Minester of communication and informatics Rudiantara said that the work of this virus is same with ransomware Wannacry. Virus that appeared in 13 May 2017. He asked people to be alert and to anticipate to ransomware virus named Petya which is happen globally.

    "We appeal to people who have computers to anticipate the attacks of Petya, by doing data backup, before activating the computer," said Rudiantara in his official statement received in Bandung, Monday (3/7/2017).

    To the information technology managers in various institutions, We requested the manager to disable or revoke the local network / LAN temporarily until it is secure. In addition, the manager is also required to backup data to a separate storage.

    Rudiantara asserted providers to continue maintaining electronic system awareness of malware.

    "Always backup your data , use original operating system, install antivirus, and use a secure password," he said.

    Overall, Ministry of comunicatiob and informatics ensures that they will continue to monitor and mitigate the movement virus Petya in Indonesia. Notifications have been made by ID-SIRTII (organization managed by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, which purpose is, to handle incidents such as cyber attacks) to partners in collaboration.

    "The partners, such as, Internet access service providers, NAP organizers, and also to the Ministry / Agency," he concluded.

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