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    West Java Provincial Government Will Add New School Unit


    BANDUNG-The number of graduate schools is not proportional to the number of schools in West Java. For that reason West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov Jabar) through the  West Java Education Department (Disdik Jabar) will seek to increase the New School Unit (NSU). However, this program is still constrained by land acquisition problems.

    "The governor had already prepared us to do the land acquisition to form a new school unit," said Head of West Java Education Department, Ahmad Hadadi, to reporters in Bandung, Monday (3/7/2017).
    Ahmad said the lack of this school is most prevalent in the district. As for the area around city, the gross enrollment rate has already been at 90 percent.

    "For the time being, there is NSU, we are advocating open secondary schools, these schools do not need special classrooms, can be done at the Learning Places (TKB) such as madrassas, mosques, school rooms or village offices, but there are face to face Parent school," he explained
    He hopes the main school of the Open High School (SMT) is an accredited A school. Education Department has been doing this program since last year with the number of students about 4,000 people.

    "This year's SMT which is located in West Bandung regency, Cianjur, and Bogor, Alhamdulillah has been running well," he said.

    Ahmad added, his team is targeting 100 thousands students follow this program by 30 thousands learning places (TKB) scattered throughout West Java.

    "We are prioritizing SMT in the district, and in the future, the number of SMT students will be added to 100 thousand students who will follow SMT," he concluded.

    As for the teaching staff comes from volunteers who were given the honor. In addition, continued Ahmad, SMT also provides the main teacher from the main school that provides assistance.

    "The budget from the School Operational Assistance (BOS) is also from Pemrov Jabar," he concluded. (MAT)

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