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    Sudden Inpection in Education authorities, Aher give PPDB Direction


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), held sudden inpection to West Java Education authorities on Rajiman Street Kota Bandung, related to the first day of civil servants after the leave of Lebaran 2017. Head of West Java Education Office, Ahmad Hadadi, directly convey the presence of civil servants in West Java Education authorities 100 percent on the first day back into work.

    Because the inpection was held in the same time with new student Admission of Senior High in West Java, Aher used this opportunity to monitoring the facility server of west java Education authorities new students admission and give direction to the new students Admission committee and West Java Education authorities employee.

    "I want the West Java Education Office to be the pioneer of clean office in West Java. Physically and mentally. Also I do not want to see anyone smoking in this office. This is one to take care the employess's health and to give a good example, because this is the Education office , "Aher said.

    Aher also mentioned West Java aims to increase the gross participation rate of senior high school in West Java until 2018 must reach 90%.

    "In 2008 it is only 48 percent below 50 percent. Now it has reached above 76 percent, and I hope in 2018 it will have reached 90 percent, so we become the first province in Indonesia after DKI and Jogja which reached 90 percent, "Aher stressed.

    The gross participation rate is the level or number that show the number of people who are able to complete a minimum of up to high school education.

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