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    First Day of Work, West Java Government Employees Attendance 100%


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), looks happy because the presence of ASN (PNS) since Lebaran 2017 post leave reached 100%. It was revealed after holding the morning ceremony and silaturahmi in the Gedung Sate, Monday (3/7).

    "Alhmdulillah from 476 employees at Gedung Sate, all present except 12 people which has clear reason such as sickness, outside duties and personal leave, so we assume the presence is 100 percent" said Aher.

    After the ceremony, Aher and some echelon 1 to 3 silaturahmi with the ASN Provincial Government and greet each other one by one.

    "It's not just shaking hands, but a moment to awaken our sense of togetherness," he said. The morning ceremony on the first day of work from West Java civil servants was held short and simple.

    After the ceremony, the Governor immediately did a sudden inspection to several agencies such as Department of Investment and One-Stop Licensing Service on Jl. Sumatra and West Java Education Office on Jl. Dr. Radjiman.

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