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    The West Java Legislative Council Monitor the Ciawi-Singaparna Road


    TASIKMALAYA-The West Java Legislative Council (DPRD) in a series of working visits program, was reviewing the construction of new roads funded through local funds.

    In the review on Wednesday (23/12), the West Java Legislative Council led by Deputy Chairman of West Java Parliament, Haris Yuliana reviewing the Ciawi-Singaparna road.

    The activities was also attended by West Java legislators among others: Yod Mintaraga and Tetep Abdul Latif, and also Tasikmalaya regency officials.

    With regard to the review the location, Haris explained the construction of roads and bridges Ciawi-Singaparna is a county road. The development is supported through local budget (APBD) of West Java province in 2015.

    This new road is an alternative way to reduce traffic density of Ciawi towards Singaparna. It was started plan in 2013 and will be completed in 2015.

    The length of this road construction is due to the enormous budget required for the infrastructure development.

    Meanwhile, Head of Highways Tasikmalaya regency, Bambang in his statement separately to jabarprov.go.id explained that the budget has been spent on road construction Ciawi-Singaparna reached Rp 247,3 billion. And to finished the fullest development of roads and bridges are still needed Rp 72.5 billion.

    The budget required for the construction of Cibodas and Cidahu bridges, the formation of the road, road construction along the 4,300 meter to 3 layers and the road construction along 7,500 for the second layer.

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