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    After Lebaran, Aher Appealed Communities to Keep Building Their Villages


    BANDUNG-Issue of explosion of migration villagers to city after Lebaran, often occur every year. someone who feel they have a better life after moving to the city, do not hesitate to invite their relatives or neighbors in the village to follow his steps to the city.

    Migration becomes one of the problems in the process of population control, the phenomenon of reverse flow every year always followed by the labor's movement to the city. However, not all migrant workers have sufficient capability to their 'life provison' in the city.

    In the end, when they get to the City, the expected works are not in accordance with what they imagined. As a result, after Lebaran, the number of informal workers increased in urban areas.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) actually appealed to people not easily tempted by the sparkling of city. Aher stated that there is no guarantee at all that people who migrate to the city will be successful. However, the main factor to a person's success is the skills he has.

    "First to the society, do not be tempted by the city, maybe the city is seductive but there is no guarantee of success, if you want to feel the city life go ahead with good skills and a careful calculaation not luck," Said Governor Aher, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Sunday (02/07/2017).

    Instead Aher advised the people in the village to stay in the village and developt their village. Even now the central government is try to development the "country side", or from the village. So, the local people of the village can serve and participate for the progress of their beloved village.

    "In fact, I hope that people the village will remain in the village, because we are continuing to develop our countryside. The central government has a development program for country side, there is budget APBN for villages, there is also assistance to the village from provincial government , There is also a Village Fund Allocation (ADD) for the villages, "Aher said.

    Aher said the pro-village programs were sufficient for village development. Therefore, he also asked the village heads to empower their  villagers to develop life in their village.

    "Let's use our common sense, our ratio, to get the best life according to our abilities and professions, and always be careful wherever we are. So, we can live comfortably, peacefully, and live to prosperity," he said.

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