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    Local Rail Passengers is Up 17 Percent


    BANDUNG-Total number of Lebaran homecoming passengers 2017 transported by train (KA) Local from D-10 to D+5 reached 766,134 or up 17 percent compared with 2016 which reached 655,119 people.

    Public Relations Manager of PT KAI Daop 2 Bandung, Joni Martinus, revised this year's increase in the number of passengers this year because additional trains that operate this year are more than in 2016 that is 6 additional trains only 4 additional trains.

    "In addition to cengestion factors that often occur on the highway to make the train as the main choice of local and railway," he told reporters in Bandung, Sunday (2/7/2017).

    Joni explained to serve the Main Train, the total number of passengers since D-10 to D+5 Lebaran reaches 198,812 people.

    "This number is up 24 percent compared  with the year 2016 reached 160,180 people.The total number of passengers departing from Daop 2 Bandung from D-10 to D+5 reached 964,946 people," he explained.

    Illustrated with the north, central, and south route, the peak of the homecoming flow in Daop 2 malaka on D-7 with the number of passengers reaching 63,734 passengers. While the number of passengers on H-7 in 2016 reached 42,140 people.

    Joni added the number arriving or coming through Daop 2 Bandung until D+5 or July 1, 2017 reached 791,961 people.

    According to him, 5 stations in Daop 2 Bandung area which mostly sent passengers from D-10 to D+5 are Bandung Station 253.196 people, Station Kiara Condong 124,541 people, Cicalengka (122.495), Padalarang (77.536), and Rancaekek (67,884) .

    "The number of departed passengers remain at the Bandung station reaches 253,196 people," he concluded. (MAT)

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