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    West Java Provincial Government Consistently Implemented Licensing Mechanism of KBU In accordance with Local Regulation No.2 / 2016


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov Jabar) consistently applies the permit of North Bandung Area (KBU) according to Regulation No.2/2016 on Guidelines for Control of North Bandung Area as a Strategic Area of ??West Java Province.

    Daily Chief of West Java Coordinating Board of Regional Spatial Planning (BKPRD), Denny Juanda, said the consistency of this application is a valid fact that is counter to the existing information on the development plan of 35 hotels in KBU.

    "Based on the results of the last meeting of BKPRD on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at Gedung Sate, KBU recommendations for hotel development are only four approved. We read in one of the print media that it has been published KBU recommendations for 35 hotels, that is not true at all," he explained. Denny who is also Assistant Region II Economic Affairs and Development Secretariat of West Java Province in Bandung, Sunday (02/07/2017).

    According to him, this meeting was also a decision, from the total of the total applications submitted to the West Java provincial government, only 53 are already in the process of West Java Coordinating Board of Regional Spatial Planning (BKPRD Jabar).

    The details are (a) Recommendation of Total Residence Group 32 Recommendation of KBU, (b) Recommendation of Total Non-Dwelling Group 18 Recommendation of KBU that is Hotel (4), Ruko or Rumah Toko (Shophouse) (4), Rukan or Rumah Kantor (Home Office) (4), Islamic boarding school (1), Telekom Tower (1), assemblies / guest houses (2), and Housing Complex (2).

    Then point c is the recommendation for Benefit Group, the total of two recommendations is House to be a Permit and One House permit becomes one Kos House," he continued.

    "Then the point c is the recommendation for Benefit Group, the total of two recommendations is residential home to be galery one permission and to be boarding house one permission," he continued.

    Meanwhile, continued Denny, BKPRD also decided not to recommend one building input because it has been completed 100% and is currently being sealed by Bandung City Government.

    "West Java provincial government is very committed to saving the environment at KBU, all of which, the KBU stage is very tight and selective, I am sure all the KBU that has been in accordance with Regional Regulation No. 2 of 2016," he added.

    Denny, the KBU procession from the Provincial is a prerequisite of the districts / municipalities in KBU, where the process is very strict with the terms mandatory.

    Condition is the basic building 20 milkfish 80 is 20 percent for buildings and 80 percent for greening. The building includes the building and the road.

    The higher the area of ??the KBU, the smaller the building portion can even be zero percent. BKPRD will even immediately refuse if if the above object land already standing building.

    Furthermore, the technical review in the process of recommendation of KBU at the provincial level including job checking becomes the main part of multi-sector working group tasks (Pokja).

    They include, among others, the related agencies, namely the Office of Highways and Spatial Planning, the Office of the Environment, the Office of Housing and Settlements, the Department of Transportation, the Forest Service, the Agriculture Service, and the Plantation Service coordinated by the Department of Investment and One Stop Integrated Service (PMPTSP) and elements of the Regional Secretariat.

    "The existence of Pokja is the first and the most detailed technical layer before it is actually plotted in the meeting of BKPRD Plenary Meeting of BKPRD prepared by Pokja BKPRD Team ready to conduct strategic review of development policy, including checking by Pokja BKPRD consisting of officer from almost all OPD / West Java provincial government bureau according to the needs and problems that go forward, "he said.

    Then, based on the final review of Pokja BKPRD, it will be discussed at a plenary meeting of BKPRD which was attended by all members of BKPRD and invited experts according to need / suggestion of development in KBU.

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