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    Padalarang Route is Crowded


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY-Entering D+6 Lebaran today that is Saturday (01/07), the flow of travelers back to Jakarta through the South of West Java that is through Padalarang both through the Cianjur-Puncak and Purwakarta, quite crowded.

    Based on the observation jabarprov.go.id, this afternoon the reverse flow at Simpang Tagog Padalarang, which is dominated by two-wheeled vehicles from noon to afternoon is quite solid compared to a few days earlier.

    In this reversal through the Padalarang route, they are travelers who use two-wheeled vehicles, four wheels and buses that transport travelers back to Sukabumi, Jabodetabek, and Purwakarta.

    Crowd occurs in addition to reverse flow of vehicles volume is increasing, also added with the start of the number of urban and rural transport vehicles that operate as well as the surrounding community who go out to the crowded places.

    It is predicted that this condition will happen until the night as the time for employment of both private and ASN employees is getting closer, ie on Monday (03/07) the day after tomorrow. And predicted the peak of the reverse flow through Tagog Padalarang intersection will occur today until Sunday (02/07) tomorrow. (Parno)

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