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    Two-Wheeled Vehicles Dominate Homecoming in Garut


    GARUT REGENCY- Peak flow of homecoming in Garut regency was seen on D-2 Lebaran 23 June 2017 and dominated by homecomers who used two-wheeled vehicles.

    This is conveyed by Adam Barren as the implementer of Lebaran 2017/1438H Transportation Posts who met in Garut Regency Department of Transportation office, Tuesday (27/06/2017)

    They calculates the traffic flow during the lebaran transport period in two posts that is Limbangan post from Bandung-Tasikmalaya and posts Kadungora from Bandung-Garut.

    Based on the traffic flow calculation during Lebaran 2017/1438H in Limbangan post the number of vehicle is 141.324 dominated by two-wheeled vechicles as many as 113.303. Whereas in 2016 the number of vehicles is 59.206

    As for the traffic flow calculation in Kandungora post on D-2 Lebaran, the number of vehicles is 67.141 with the total motorcyles counted 41.377 compared to the previous year which was only 39.742 vehicles.

    According to Adam, besides Limbangan and Kandungora post who recorded the traffic flow because they are the main homecoming route, other places in Garut regency such as Malangbong, Samarang, Pasir Wangi, Cikajang, Bungbulang and Cibatu are also have a post.

    Before Lebaran the Traffic jam point are Malangbong, Kadungora, and Limbangan. Besides those places, tourism places such as Darajat, Pameungpeuk and Cipanas also will be a traffic jam point after Lebaran.

    "We also provide infrastructures. It can be sharing channels between path or redirection to alternative route with police coordination," explained Adam.

    Adam added that based from the previous years, reversed flow spike sill occur close the end of mass leave, on upcoming 1 July 2017.

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