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    Indonesia Chief Police Monitors the Flow of West Java Homecoming


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Indonesia Chief Police Tito Karnavian together with Minister of Transportation and Minister of Health monitor the condition of traffic flows in several West Java area, Friday (30/6).

    Located at PAM Cilenyi Post, the Chief of Police received a report on the current condition of traffic and other facilities from Wakapolda and some staff of West Java Police.

    From the information submitted to the Chief of Police, the flow of homecoming and turning of Lebaran 2017 as a whole is stated more smoothly and safer than last year. This happens because of the alertness of the officers in the field and more orderly travelers in the traffic.

    Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi who also attended said that supporting facilities such as signposts and others quite helpful smoothness.

    Meanwhile, the Minister of Health expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of all parties, including the combined health posts placed at some point very helpful to the travelers. The same thing was presented by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan. Aher, appreciate the work of all parties, both police officers, TNI and local governments that have succeeded in reducing traffic jams and accident rates during the Lebaran 2017 season.

    After from Cileunyi, the Chief of Police together with the Minister of Transportation and Health Minister went to Cikopo by using Dolpin type helipopters that landing and take off from field football STPDN Jatinangor. (Pun)

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