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    Reasons Brian Loyd Do Solo Flight Around The World


    BANDUNG- Brian Lloyd lay over in Bandung in a series of visiting history sites of 80 years around the world by Amelia Earhart, and had landed in Bandung on June 21, 1931.

    The US pilot told the reason for the initial trail of Earhart because he recalled the figure of Earhart who was the first pilot of the Atlantic continent to solo fly.

    "Earhart is not an ordinary person but the extraordinary.Always be the first. Therefore I admire her and do this napak tilas," he told reporters at Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (06/29/2017)

    According to his opinion, they are the first people or pioneers that need to be emulated, as well as a co-pilot called Fred, a pioneer who opened the route of flight to the Pacific continent.

    "Therefore I want to emulate them with this napak tilas," he said

    During his visit to Bandung, this time Brian is also as a guest of Amateur Radio Organization Indonesia (ORARI) and Federation Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI).

    He admitted very admired the amateur radio because the radio is like magic or magic that can send information quickly.

    "The radio amateurs are like magic". "It used to take a long time to send information but now with wireless technology so quickly send information." He said. (MAT)

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