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    As usual, Lembang and its surroundings stucked in traffic


    West Bandung- Traffic flow from Parongpong to Lembang road way, West Bandung district naturally congestion. Various four-wheelers and two-wheelers filled all the streets around the valley and Cihideung.

    Based on the observation jabarprov.go.id in Jalan Raya Lembang, Thursday (29/6), long queues are increasingly happening with people moving along with tourist attractions in the Lembang area.

    Tourism objects around Lembang, that is, like Bamboo Village and Glass House, Elephant Village, Floating Market.

    "Start from Bamboo Village out until now, about 30 minutes I can only up to 100 meters, said one tourist from Banten.

    The average passing on Jalan Raya Lembang, more dominated by cars with police numbers from outside Bandung, such as plate F (Bogor), B (Jakarta) "and A (Banten).

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