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    Traffic in Bandung Still Empty


    BANDUNG-Three days after Lebaran, traffic flow in several roads in Bandung until this day still looks smooth, different in a number of roads to the sights.

    Based on the observation on www.Jabarprov.go.id, in a number of streets in Bandung as at the entrance of Bandung from the West precisely on Jalan Rajawali West still looks smooth, as well as around the Ciroyom Market is usually jammed still empty.

    Entering the street Oto Iskandar Dinata precisely in front of Pasar Baru also still looks smooth, little density is observed around Bandung Square filled with people who fill the holiday Lebaran this time.

    While along Jalan Buahbatu which is usually jammed, also seen still smoothly where the driver can drive up to 40 km per hour.

    And also observed along the road Ibrahim Aji (Kiaracondong) both the Fly over and the path below is still smooth though a little choked up by the activity of the community around the Market Kiaracondong. (Parno)

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