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    The Reverse flow from the North West Java is smoothly


    BANDUNG- The flow of vehicles from the North of West Java is seen starting to increase, either crossing the arterial road or highway, Thursday (29/6)

    Vehicles from Central Java entering the Brexit toll road to Palimanan seen an increase, but the vehicle can still be driven above 100 KM per hour.

    A 500meter long queue of new vehicles takes place when a return flows into the Palimanan toll booth. The queue is more due to the riders who want to pay at the same time take the toll ticket to enter Cipali.

    While the sunny weather tends to occur along the Cipali highway. The possibility of new rain will occur in Purbaleunyi toll road in the afternoon for vehicles going to Bandung. As happened on Wednesday, heavy rain poured down Purbaleunyi toll road. Jo

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