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    West Bandung Regency Homecoming and Reserved Flow, Predicted Smooth


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY-According to Head of Program Preparation, Department of Transportation West Bandung Regency, Drs. Iis Supriadi, the flow of homecoming and reserved flow of Idul Fitri holiday this year, the traffic flow condition is the same as last year.

    Based on the monitoring of homecoming flow starting from D-7 ago, still in normal circumstances, there is no total congestion.

    The obstacles encountered can be overcome with the Wasdal Officers who participated in helping the monitoring on the field.

    Then starting on Sunday (Lebaran) until D+7 is predicted to be the same, that is under normal circumstances and no total congestion. However, based on the results of monitoring and information obtained from officers who are in the Post Lembang, in several region often occurs congestion caused by the increased of visitor recreational places. While here in Pos Padalarang - Tagog Apu traffic flow conditions are still in a state smoothly, explained Supriadi.

    The process of monitoring and security compared with last year;there was no significant difference. Circumstances in the current state of going home and still normal, Iis Supriadi added.

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