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    Lebaran, West Java Health Department HoldsGemes


    BANDUNG - Health Department West Java held program Gerakan Pengemudi Sehat (Gemes) which is a collection of some tips in lebaran especially for the drivers.

    Head of Health Department Dodo Suhendar appealed to the drivers to avoid driving in an unhealthy condition.

    "Avoid ciggarete and drugs," he told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (27/06/2017)

    In addition, provide immidiate rescue in case of traffic accidents and always remember that passengers have a risk due to the act of the driver.

    Dodo said for travelers to always prioritize safety by doing adequate rest.

    "If the homecomers are getting tired and losing concentration when driving take a break as soon as possible," he explained.

    Then, check your health periodically at the post that has been provided in the Lebaran route.

    "Later if you see health posts please stop at least to checked your blood if rising due to unhealthy eating patterns," he said.

    According to him, health posts in the route of lebaran serve free treatment.

    "When it hurts, please come directly to the health post. Do not delay and then rest at the health post to make your trip more comfortable," he said.

    Finally, Dodo continued, do not driving while using mobile phone, so your concentration is not disturbed.

    "Here are some tips for going home smoothly, safe and comfortable and avoid the accident," he concluded. (MAT)

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