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    Alert of Fake Tickets, Brokers, and Joki


    BANDUNG- PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) appealed to the public to be aware of the circulation of fake tickets, brokers and joki. The reason is, people's interest to use railway trasportation during Lebaran is increased.

    Based on the data of passengers departure of Daerah Operasional (Daop2) Bandung to D1, Sunday June 25, 2017, has been transported to 526,342 passengers or 8% higher than last year.

    "The high interest of people in using railway transportation makes the train tickets wanted by many community. Of course this moment used by people who want to make profit from the high enthuisiasm," said Public Relations Manager PT. KAI Daerah Operational (Daop2) Bandung, Joni Martinus to reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (27/06/2017).

    According to him, the irresponsible actions from the person found out by PT KAI employee at Pasar Senen Station, Friday, June 23, 2017.

    "There is an officer of PT KAI succeeded foiled the ticket counterfeiting that beffel 9 passenger of KA Kutojaya Utara to Pasar Senen and 3 passangers of KA Kutojaya Utara Premium Plus with the same relation," said Joni Martinus.

    Joni insists that these people are the victims of irresponsible actions the fraudsters. The reason, according to their statements, the tickets obtained from entrusted the pruchased to their friends.

    Joni revealed that each ticket has its own unique code that will be read by the system at the boarding door.

    "Even if the fake ticket passed from the boarding door, I am sure that it would be detected in the train, because there will be a double seat," he said. If this happens, we will take an affarmative action.

    With the apllication of layered systems, Joni believes that brokering will be hard to do and even can't be done. The practice that may flurish at this time is the system of warfare.

    "if we observe, the system of train ticket sales these days turn off the practice of brokers. Well, what happens right now is the practice of perjokian where some people buy ticket for other people and asked payment. In this case, it's different from brokers. Brokers buy the ticket then sell it againg with higher price. This become the reason why people hard to buy ticket because those ticket already bought by the brokers. in the otherhand, joki just help the procces of purchasing tickets and ask for payment and the ticket is in the name of the person who asked the service, so of course the ticket will pass the boarding door.

    "it's better to print it yourself at check in counter because the printing can be done 7 days before departure, if you are doubt with the tickets you have, ask the officer at the nearest station," he concluded. (MAT) 

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