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    Pilgrimage Dealers Make Profits on Lebaran Day


    BANDUNG-Hundreds of merchants who sell pilgrimage equipment around the Public Cemetery (TPU) Sirnaraga City Bandung, reap a considerable profit in the appeal of ordinary days in this time Lebaran moment.

    Some traders admitted, on the day of Lebaran, they can earn more than Rp.500.000 rupiah every day.

    As proposed by Tane, a pilgrimage equipment trader who is a citizen of Citepus Kota Bandung, for the first day of Lebaran he can earn Rp.500.000 income.

    "In the first day of Lebaran I can get the money up to Rp.500.000, but for the second day I only get Rp.300.000," said to www.Jabarprov.go.id, Monday (26/06). (Parno)

    According to Tane, compared to previous years, revenue from selling pilgrimage equipment this year decreased though not too big.

    "Last year could be more than Rp.500.000 per day this year is reduced, it is because that sell more and continue to grow every Lebaran," he said.

    Some of the equipment commonly sold by seasonal traders such as roses, pandan leaf slices, bottled water and incense. And they usually sell from D-1 Lebaran to D+7 Lebaran depending on the level of visits to TPU Sirnaraga. (Parno)

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