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    Kuningan is Always Busy When Lebaran


    KUNINGAN-Who does not know Kuningan District? The district is famous for its cool and beautiful nature and has many interesting attractions. Right on the foot of Ceremai Mount, the weather feels cool and fresh. In addition, most residents love to wander to various cities in Indonesia. So on the day of Lebaran as it is today, the wanderers return home bringing the results during wander in other areas.

    As in previous years, every Idul Fitri, Kuningan city filled with the nomads who returned home.

    According to the head of Kuningan District Transportation Department, Deni Hamdani when interviewed by jabarprov.go.id, Monday (26/2) explained that the hustle of Kuningan City on the D-7 Lebaran looks crowded, it can be seen in the shopping centers. Kuningan citizen shop many things to meet the needs of Eid. While in the D+1 to the end of Lebaran holidays, the crowd will as usual occur in the tourism places, explains Deni.

    Kuningan also has a city icon with a variety of natural attractions which are beautiful and full of culinary. Many tourists are from outside Kuningan such as Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka, Brebes and the surrounding area. "Especially with the Cipali highway lane, it will make it easier for anyone to go to Kuningan and greatly affect tourist visit to Kuningan to reach 80%-90%", said Deni.

    Deni further explained, that the flow of homecoming this year increased by 9% from last year.

    This year the handling of homecoming flow and traffic conditions looks better, especially with the ring road of Sampora Caracas Panawuan. "This year there is no more accumulation of vehicles such as in Cirendang, Cilimus and other main roads because the traffic flow has been divided into new roads," said Deni.

    According to Deni, the high level of homecoming influenced also by the success rate of the immigrants who return home by bringing the vehicle.

    To monitor this homecoming flow, we went straight to the field. Likewise for the reverse flow. In monitoring the flow back and forth flow, we were helped by the application spip.e-gov.center managed by the Department of Communications and Informatics of Kuningan District.

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