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    Open House Governor Aher, Thousands of residents Enter Pakuan Building


    BANDUNG-Thousands of people from various circles and areas in West Java flocked to the State Building Pakuan Bandung to stay in touch with West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    After performing Eid prayer 1438H held in the field of Gasibu Bandung, Sunday (25/06/2017) morning, Governor Aher always do the tradition of Eid open house in his official home.

    According to Aher, holding an open house on the first day can build further closeness with the society.

    "This is part of the relationship establishment, if the process is done one by one, it is very difficult and takes time but when there is Eid momentum, we open the door of relationship establishment so that people from anywhere can present with us at least some form West Java," said Aher.

    On the occasion was also attended by Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar and Aher's wife who helped accompany Aher shake hands with the people who marched out of the room waiting to shake, greet and take pictures.

    "It's a general invitation, no one is invited specifically, so anyone can come here and always be busy as in previous years," said Aher.

    The cheerful and tolerance among the high religious people were visible at the time. Pastors and Bishops from various churches in the city of Bandung also participate in the event of forgiving each other.

    "If the Bishop and Reverend are always present, we also have a procession at Christmas time that we used to control the field to ensure that their safety is guaranteed, they also appreciate us when their Eid comes, this is evidence that our tolerance is very high," he explained.

    Lebaran typical menu of West Java is not left behind served in every corner of the room like opor ayam, gule, empal gentong, baso tahu, sate, kebab and many more typical taste of West Java. Asked about his favorite food during Idul Fitri, Aher admitted to love the food menu which is impromptu and sour vegetables.

    "My favorite menu is just a simple sour vegetables but unfortunately this Lebaran there is no sour vegetables, or impromptu cooking like a fish directly in the frying or burning," he said.

    The meaning of Lebaran this year according to Aher is back to nature or purity and long-minded. Aher also advised to bring the atmosphere of Ramadan into the next months to be more cautious.
    "So I want to say that Ramadhan is a madrasah, a process to bring the cautious people who are ready to build the country, hopefully the new souls come after Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr are finished, the souls are then with new spirit to build things, New things to innovate advancing this nation to become a nation that is advanced and prosperous and pious to Allah SWT, "said Aher.

    Aher is planning to hold again an open house in his hometown that is in Sukabumi the next day.

    Previously, Aher with family, the staff of OPD and FKPD Jabar and the surrounding community held Eid prayer 1438 Hijriah in the Gasibu field and also convey the sermon of Eid al-Fitr.

    In the report read by the committee, revealed the results of accumulation of zakat, infak and alms during Ramadan 1438 H in West Java Province. Based on reports from Baznas in 27 districts / cities in West Java and West Java Regional Office of ZIS total acquisition of Rp 262,503,351,420. With details, Zakat fitrah converted with money amounting to Rp 236,478,828,630. Zakat Mal Rp 18.266.442.996, infak and alms Rp 7,758,079,794.

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