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    Rafting Will Be an Exhibition in PON XIX 2016


    WEST BANDUNG-Chairman of PB PON XIX in 2016, Aher planned creating Citrus River into exhibition rafting locations in the National Games in West Java.

    “Through the exhibition, rafting expected becoming sports that competed in 2020 in the next PON in Papua,” he said at Rafting Location in Rajamandala Kulon, West Bandung, Saturday (26/12).

    "Next year, rafting is still an exhibition at PON event which located at CItarum River. So it has not been contested in the official match," said Heryawan.

    Besides of Citarum, Citarik River in Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi can also be used for rafting location exhibitions. Moreover, in Citarik River has just be held an international rafting championship.

    "When the exhibition is evaluated, it’s possible in the PON 2020 in Papua, rafting can be inserted into one of the sport contested," he said.

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