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    Vice Governor Appreciates Lebaran Homecoming 1438 H Done Smooth and Orderly


    BANDUNG REGENCY-After the Minister of Transportation reviewed the flow of traffic in Nagreg, Saturday (24/6) Vice Governor Demiz thanked the travellers who have been orderly and follow the direction of the officers.

    "Thanks to the fairly ordered travellers, I see the compliance of the travellers following directions from us," Demiz said.

    He also believes that this year is handling the best homecoming flow, especially in the Nagreg region.

    "InsyaAllah (God willing) this year could be better handling because last year, on the D-1, there was still a lot travellers on the road even to fly on the street because of traffic jams," he said.

    But the Vice Governor still appealed to the travellers despite the flow of traffic runs smoothly they have to stay vigilant by maintaining the speed of the vehicle.

    "For travellers, it is not about smooth or stalled, if it is smooth does not mean speeding up, it is very risky. 
    "For travellers, this is not a problem smoothly or stalled but if smoothly then it would be speeding up the danger of accidents will be high. Take advantage of the smoothness with wisdom, do not speeding, keep controlling the speed," he appealed.

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