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    Alternative Path Padalarang Subang Through Cisarua Expeditious


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY-Entering D-1 Lebaran, alternative routes to Subang either from Purwakarta or Cianjur through Padalarang, Cisarua are relatively smoothly.

    Based on monitoring of www.Jabarprov.go.id, provincial roads along the 14 km from Padalarang-Cisarua to Lembang observed smoothly despite the increase of vehicles, especially two-wheeled motorcycle.

    The path that is dominated by climb is quite feasible as an alternative route back and forth to Pantura via Subang, because the road is quite smooth, although not too wide.

    But for travellers who use the path should be careful if pass through it at night, since it has lack of Public Street Lighting (PJU) along the road.

    Also right in Cihideung region, West Bandung regency, the vehicle must be careful because the road condition is still unstable for the former avalanche some time ago.

    If the condition is smooth, the travellers who pass through the alternative path can take only 1 hour drive from Padalarang to Lembang. (Parno)

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